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Holy Week: Day Seven

Read Matthew 27:62-66

1. Why did the authorities want to place guards at the tomb of jesus?

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Read 1 Peter 3:18-22

1. Why is it important that we see Jesus having proclaimed His voctory over the powers of the underworld?

2. Read again verses 21-22;how does baptism picture for us the resurrection of Jesus? 

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Read Luke 23:43

1.  What hope should we have as we read this verse?

2. If we know Jesus, at out death-- How long will be have to wait to be with Jesus? 

3. Why is "Today" so important for us in this verse?

4. How should we live knowing that the very second that we die (if we know Jesus) we will be with Jesus in paradise?

5. Who else needs to hear this truth today? 

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