the gospel coalition

Holy Week: Day Three

Read Matthew 21:23-23:39

1. Which parable that Jesus tells sticks out to you? Why? 

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Read Mark 13:1-37 and Matthew 21: 42

1. In light of Jesus' comments concerning the stones of the temple, why might it be important that Jesus is implying that He is the cornerstone? 

2. What do you think Jesus is the cornerstone of?

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Read 1 Peter 2:1-12

1.  In what ways does the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ insure that believers will live forever on the rock of Christ Himself? 

2. What do you think Peter means when he talks of "spiritual sacrifices"?

3. Are we able to offer anything to Jesus if we are not a "Living Stone"?

4. Can we be Living Stones without the cornerstone? 

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